C&C Christian Consulting Company

Catapulting Kingdom Authors

"Become Unlocked, Uncaged and Unrestricted in Your Creativity"

 C&C Supports All Kingdom Authors!

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an author? Has the Lord given you visions or instructed you to author a book or multiple books? Do you know which steps to take first? How to launch your writing career? Who’s your target audience? How to publish your books? If you are in need of guidance pertaining to becoming a Kingdom author, allow C&C to assist you in this area.

C&C propel authors through vision mapping their authorship. By partnering with us, authors (novice & seasoned) become unlocked, uncaged and unrestricted in their creativity. C&C will connect you with a wealth of resources that will catapult authors into the next level of writing, publishing and promoting their Christian works. With a low monthly fee, C&C will help to jump start your dreams of authoring and work diligently to educate, equip and empower you through Author Purpose Mapping, Author's Brain Dumping,  and Content Development.

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