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Blueprints for Success for Kingdom Entrepreneurs

How does C&C serve new and seasoned entrepreneurs?

All entrepreneurs need effective and efficient strategies that will grow their business with purpose and clarity. C&C equips and empowers Kingdom entrepreneurs to launch a variety of sustainable businesses that meet the needs of people. Through Purpose (Vision) Mapping, we discover what God has placed in you, and our support, resources & training help that start-up become reality. During our monthly video conferencing, webinars and/or one-on-one mapping session, we will work tenaciously to build vision, create a team and culture, implement leadership, strategy planning and implementation. C&C offers the following success strategies to new and seasoned entrepreneurs:

Consultation Services

C&C equips and empowers Kingdom driven entrepreneurs to launch a variety of sustainable businesses that meet the needs of people. Through vision mapping, we discover what God has placed in you, and our support, resources & training help that start-up become reality.

This free 30-minute consultation will be regarding the following: personal Kingdom desires, ministry growth and enhancement and Kingdom business/entrepreneurs. A prerequisite to having an initial consultation is that a needs analysis must be completed.

The C&C Needs Analysis can be found here.

Purpose (Vision) Mapping

Vision mapping is one the most exciting and rewarding elements for Kingdom business enhancement and expansion. This highly interactive, graphical strategic planning process is excellent ​for rapidly distilling the thinking of a diverse group of participants around challenging topics, individual and/or corporate enhancement. Vision mapping promises to be an innovative way for “making thinking visual.”

Facebook Page Creation

It's easy to create a personal Facebook page and scroll leisurely. It's a little different when you have to create a page for your business or non-profit organization. Stop stressing and allow C&C's development team develop a page that will attract your target market and professionally display your services and products that you offer.  Click here to get your social media need met.

Strategic Business Planning

Do you have a business idea but you don't desire to Purpose (Vision) Map? Well, our Business Planning service can assist you! In this session, we develop a written description of your business or non-profit's future.

During this 90-minute session, C&C provides guidance on determining your business/non-profit's name, structure, target market, service plans, slogans, pricing suggestions, etc. When you leave this session, you will leave with a strategic plan, which outlines what you plan to do and how you plan to do it. Now you leave equipped and ready to implement your plan.

Business Blueprints In A Box 

(Business B.N.B)

If you're working full-time and trying to operate your small business part-time, we can imagine that your time may be limited.

C&C is willing to assist you administratively by providing the following services:

- Employee Identification Number (EIN)/                 IRS Business Registration

- Florida Sunbiz Registration

- Logo Design (through our partnership)

- 100 business cards

- Letterhead creation

- Brand Biography

- Business brochure development

- Business flyer creation

- Customized Name Tag

- Customized Name Plate

- A plethora of additional professional business and legal documents

C&C knows your needs and will assist you business document development. When you receive your box, you'll open it to find all of your business needs being so richly supplied. These documents will be available electronically as well. Click here to see our B.N.B. packages now!

Business Development & Enhancement

C&C offers a plethora of webinars, face-to-face training sessions, and/or one-on-one training that will assist you with developing your business aptitude. To get a full line-up of services we offer, click here.

Just a few of our popular service packages!

One of our packages is bound to meet at least one of your business needs!

Blueprints for Success


Best Package Offer

2-hour Purpose (Vision) Mapping Session

Accountability Partnership​p

1 Development & Enhancement Session

Strategic Business Planning (SBP​)


Purpose (Vision) Mapping


Per Hour​

Best for Writing the Vision & Making It Plain

1-hour session

Brain Dumping 

Personalized Purpose (Vision) Map

Accountability Partnership


Facebook Page Crea​tion


Per Hour

Best Price for Social Media Page Creation

FB Business/Brand Creation Worksheet

2 Preview Privileges 

FB Business Page Tutorial Session

Promotional Setup