D.I.V.A.S. Loving Me (Volume 1)

Called & Chosen (C&C) Christian Consulting Company presents its first self-esteem curriculum, D.I.V.A.S. Loving Me (Volume 1). This curriculum was created to serve young ladies, ages 11– 19. The core values of the curriculum are to rebuild, restructure, refocus, and reinforce Kingdom principles, mindsets and perspectives that will shift young ladies from low to high self-worth and esteem.

One of D.I.V.A.S. Loving Me Curriculum’s goals is for leaders to provide DIVINE INTERVENTION to VIBRANT & ANOINTED SISTERS that will transform their perception of themselves and help them discover their identity and purpose. C&C desires for all to be impacted at such a great magnitude that it will innovatively dismiss the world’s meaning of perfection and confirm for them that they are priceless and more than anything else, 

PERFECT in God’s eyes.

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The Road 2 De-MASK-Us

In these workshops, you will explore how the Road to Damascus was a sudden turning point in Saul’s life. He had a supernatural demasking experience, and through this honest, open and transparent session, so shall you and those you invite to journey with you.

You and your group have a choice of a plethora of engaging activities that you can choose from. The first lesson is entitled "Revealing the Woman Behind the Mask". As you all actively engage during this session, you will understand the purpose of a mask, how you gained your mask and how to unmask. The other sessions you can choose from are as follows:

  1. Revealing the Woman Behind the Mask
  2. The Woman in the Mirror
  3. The Case of Mistaken Identity
  4. Detonating the Triple D Threats
  5. Offend Me Not!
  6. From Perversion 2 Perfection
  7. Bye, Bye Fear… Hello Fear (Facing Everything & Rising)
  8. I Am a F.A.D. (Faithful & Obedient Daughter)
  9. I Love My Shape
  10. His Hidden Jewel
  11. Queen in Training
  12. Becoming a N.O.W. Woman
  13. P3: Prayer+Praise = Power
  14. I’m A Survivor (Heal & Seal)
  15. Bonus Lesson: Who’s Tainting Your Oil?

It's imperative to take this journey for you to become the woman of God you were destined to be. Contact C&C today to see which session would be more befitting for you and your group's needs. 

D.I.V.A Presentations

Beauty & The Beasts           Looking At The Girl In The Mirror        Media Shhmedia

I Am Perfect                          Loving My Shape                                   To Lead Or Not To Lead

It's All About Me                   Masquerade Party                                 Who Am I